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Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. is recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of material handling equipment, including a range of order pickers designed for high efficiency and operator comfort in demanding warehouse environments. Doosan’s order pickers, such as the BR Series, are tailored to cater to a wide array of picking heights and capacities, ensuring there’s a model suited for different operational needs, whether it’s for low-level tasks or for reaching high shelves. These units are built with precise controls for accurate picking, and ergonomic design features that help reduce operator fatigue, such as easy-to-reach controls and comfortable operator compartments.

Customers considering a Doosan order picker are investing in a brand known for its robust construction and ease of maintenance. Doosan focuses on creating equipment that is both reliable and innovative, with features that enhance productivity — like regenerative braking systems that conserve energy and reduce wear on components. Furthermore, Doosan provides a strong support network, offering efficient customer service, parts availability, and thorough maintenance programs. These factors, combined with competitive pricing, make Doosan order pickers a viable option for businesses looking to improve their order picking operations with a cost-effective and dependable solution.

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