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Hyster is a brand with a strong legacy in the material handling industry, known for its comprehensive range of reach trucks that combine rugged durability with the latest in ergonomic design and technology. The Hyster reach truck series, including the popular R1.4-2.5 models, is designed to excel in the demanding environments of warehousing and logistics. These trucks are highly versatile, capable of handling a variety of load sizes and types, with a reach height capability that accommodates several stacking configurations. Hyster reach trucks are equipped with powerful AC motors and advanced lift systems that deliver smooth acceleration and high lift speeds while ensuring energy efficiency and low cost of operation.

Customers who opt for Hyster reach trucks benefit from the brand’s focus on operator comfort and safety, with features like adjustable seating, low-effort control systems, and excellent visibility that enhance productivity and reduce the risk of operator strain. Additionally, Hyster’s reputation for building tough, long-lasting equipment means that their reach trucks are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, translating to a longer lifespan and lower total cost of ownership. With a global network of dealers providing comprehensive service and support, investing in a Hyster reach truck ensures that businesses have reliable, high-performance equipment backed by one of the industry’s best support structures. This makes Hyster an ideal choice for operations that demand high levels of uptime and operational efficiency.

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