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Jungheinrich AG is a highly respected manufacturer in the material handling equipment sector, offering a diverse range of order pickers renowned for their efficiency and technological advancement. From low-level order pickers like the ECE Series, which are ideal for rapid and efficient picking at the first level, to high-level order pickers such as the EKS Series, capable of reaching heights for higher-rack applications, Jungheinrich covers a spectrum of warehouse needs. These machines are celebrated for their energy efficiency, with some models boasting regenerative braking systems and long battery lives for multi-shift operations without battery changes.

Choosing a Jungheinrich order picker means opting for a piece of machinery that is the result of extensive research and development in logistics efficiency. Known for their intelligent control systems and ergonomic designs, these order pickers provide operators with a comfortable working environment that can greatly increase productivity. Moreover, the brand’s strong commitment to safety, through features such as their proprietary safety assistance systems, ensures the well-being of the workforce. With a comprehensive service network that offers timely maintenance and support, along with a reputation for high-quality, durable equipment, Jungheinrich AG stands as a premium choice for businesses looking to optimize their order picking processes with a reliable, forward-thinking partner.

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