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Linde Material Handling is distinguished in the field of intralogistics for its high-quality and innovative reach trucks, offering a variety of models to suit different operational needs. The Linde R14 – R20 series, for instance, includes trucks capable of handling loads from 1.4 to 2.0 tonnes and reaching lift heights of up to 11.7 meters, suitable for almost any type of warehousing activity. These reach trucks are celebrated for their precision and efficiency, integrating advanced technology such as Linde’s intuitive control handles and direct hydrostatic drive, which allows for smooth and responsive handling. Linde reach trucks are specifically engineered to maximize productivity while minimizing the total cost of operation, featuring energy-efficient motors and regenerative braking systems that extend battery life and operational time. The ergonomic design of Linde’s operator compartments reduces fatigue and increases operator comfort, further enhancing productivity. Choosing the Linde brand for a reach truck means investing in a machine that is designed with the operator’s well-being and the company’s bottom line in mind. Linde’s global reputation for robust construction, technical innovation, and exceptional after-sales service ensures that the reach trucks are dependable, maintain their value over time, and support the seamless operation of business logistics.

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