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Mitsubishi Order Pickers


Mitsubishi offers a comprehensive line-up of order pickers that cater to various warehousing and order picking requirements. Known for their innovation and reliability, Mitsubishi order pickers come in several models designed for different operational scales and complexities, such as the OPB Series for low-level picking and the VELIA ES high-level order pickers that can reach up to 11.5 meters, perfect for high-rack indoor warehouses. These machines boast features like advanced ergonomics for operator comfort, precise controls for better maneuverability, and energy-efficient systems that extend battery life and operational time.

Choosing a Mitsubishi order picker is opting for a brand that values technological integration and operator experience. Mitsubishi’s design philosophy focuses on creating machines that provide ease of use, safety, and efficiency, which are crucial for the fast-paced environment of order picking. With their commitment to durability, these pickers are engineered to require less maintenance, ensuring more uptime and a better return on investment. Moreover, Mitsubishi’s global presence means that buyers benefit from an extensive service network and parts availability, which minimizes potential operational disruptions. For businesses that require a dependable, high-performing order picker that combines cutting-edge technology with robust construction, Mitsubishi presents an option that can meet those needs with excellence.

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